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Project Description

Arwa’a Abaya 2009/2010

Advertising on TV is losing its efficacy. With increasing clutter on one end and fragmentation of media on the other, there has never been a better time to pay more attention to giving a brand its life on TV through custom-made content. However, not everyone can do that. You have to be armed with the spot-on strategy, first-rate creative execution and of course, a brand that can carry it off. And Persil Abaya Shampoo had all three pillars together when it ventured into the Arwa’a Abaya contest in 2009.

Why Arwa’a Abaya?

The objective was clear and straight forward. Abaya Fashion industry is huge and Arabian Peninsula is the major hub for the same. For Persil Abaya Shampoo, it was important to establish a strong association with Abayas uplifting its image; at the same time communicating functional benefits of the brand. Abaya Fashion was chosen to serve as a platform of communication.

Bringing Insight to Life

The creative idea of linking Persil Abaya Shampoo with Abaya fashion gave birth to Arwa’a Abaya on MBC Network in April 2009. The idea was to create a segment in the morning show on the top rated Pan-Arab media channel MBC1, bringing together 7 amateur Abaya designers. The designs of those designers were showcased in front of a panel of renowned judges. The prize money for the winner was SAR 50,000.

The concept clicked instantly with the target audience, the young Saudi women, who took their Abaya as an integral part of their lives. The segment was engaging and created a platform of self expression on MC1’s morning show Sabah Al-khair. The brand benefits were intrinsically embedded in the contents of the show.

There was also a clear linkage developed between Persil Abaya Shampoo and Fashion related to Abayas. (In the picture above: Backdrop behind the judges Persil Logo on studio screen) The show was also promoted online through MBC website, which also resulted in creating a hype for the show.

and the result was inevitable…

Consumer response to the innovation on media was more expectations to say the least. Over 400 registrations were received in two weeks from the GCC region, primarily from KSA; however, expanding to UK and the US etc

Recognition and Awards

Besides the results that showed in bringing numbers for the brand, the external environment also appreciated the effort and recognized it all across. MENA Crystal Festival, an event that recognizes innovations in film, outdoor and marketing communications short listed Arwa’a Abaya for best campaign for mass consumption products and best product for women. Arwa’a Abaya won the award for women category.

Dubai Lynx, International Advertising Festival 2010 gave Arwa’a Abaya Bronze award for best use of Television